This weekend was a fun weekend in Missoula. With funnyman Nick Offerman in town it made for a laugh filled weekend.

Nick Offerman's 'Full Bush' tour has been reviewed very highly and of course he is known for his role in 'Parks and Rec' and other Broadway/shows. He brought a couple of musical instruments, one of which was a ukulele. He had some really good points about the modern day and society's obsession with social media.

His best point came while making a joke about his friends using dating apps to meet people. The fact that these people have little to no actual connection and are more depressed stuck to their phones then meeting people doing what they love. His example was him and his wife Megan ( who is Karen on 'Will and Grace') met while doing something they love and become friends and partners. But doing something they love is what brought them together and it was a good point.

He had some good laughs about Facebook and his wood-working hobby.


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