Just how serious is the killing of this reclusive, fascinating and mysterious animal?

Well, if you look at the reward figure and all the organizations pitching in, this one is not being taken lightly. And while it may be long odds, this kind of money talks to people who just might happen to know something. And that figure could climb. And as we all know, people who do senseless acts like these tend to shoot their mouths off about it. And that just might fall on the right ears.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks tells us that they, along with several organizations have offered to contribute additional funding to raise the cash reward for information on a  wolverine that was illegally killed just over a month ago. The remains of the carcass were found northwest of Wisdom, Montana.

Montana FWP game wardens were notified that the remains had been seen on a U.S. Forest Service road near the Continental Divide. A warden located the animal and confirmed that it had been shot, skinned and abandoned.

The FWP TIP-MONT program, the Animal Defense Fund, Trap Free Montana, Skyline Sportsmen in Butte, and the Center for Biological Diversity have partnered to thus far raise $21,500 for information that might lead to an arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible.

Wolverine harvest is currently illegal in Montana.

Anyone who might have information on the killing is asked to fill out FWP's TIP-MONT online form here. Or you call 1-800-TIP-MONT (1-800-817-6668).

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