At around 11:30 Friday morning, a Missoula Police officer responded to a request for assistance from Missoula Probation and Parole at a residence in the 2100 block of South 3rd Street West. Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh explains.

“When the officer arrived, he made contact with the probation officer who informed him that 33-year-old Anthony Diaz was her client and that she had come to do a routine visit only to find that he was under the influence of some type of intoxicant,” Welsh said. “He was also in possession of a drug that was later determined to be methamphetamine.”

Court documents indicate that Diaz admitted to his probation officer that he was high on methamphetamine. The estimated weight of the baggie and substance was 2.25 grams. As a result, Diaz is being charged with one count of felony criminal possession of dangerous drugs. According to the Missoula County Jail, this is the second or subsequent time Diaz has been arrested for possessing methamphetamine.

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