At around 7:45 on Tuesday morning, an employee at a local bank reported that a man was asleep in a vehicle in the bank’s parking lot. A Missoula Police officer responded and located a man asleep in the front seat of a vehicle. Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh explains.

“When officers arrived, they observed a male slumped over in his seat,” Welsh said. “Officers woke the man up and identified him as 33-year-old Aaron Grafft. They quickly learned that Grafft was on probation and contacted his probation officer after observing what appeared to be drug activity inside the vehicle.”

According to court documents, an officer observed a syringe on the car’s floorboard, and a plastic baggie on the center console. The officer also stated that Grafft’s arm had visible needle marks on it.

“The probation officer authorized them to search Grafft and his vehicle,” Welsh said. “He was subsequently placed under arrest for a probation violation and criminal possession of dangerous drugs. The officers found evidence of methamphetamine in the vehicle and drug paraphernalia.”

Two used syringes and a baggie with white powdery residue were removed from Grafft’s pants pockets. Officers also located a glass marijuana bong, several used syringes, a syringe with a clear liquid, and two baggies containing meth in Grafft’s vehicle.

Jail staff located an additional baggie containing meth in Grafft’s pocket. Grafft is currently being charged with one count of criminal possession of dangerous drugs.

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