National Love Your Pet Day is coming up Monday. And you thought you got the day off because it's Presidents Day! :-)

We love our pets for so many reasons and at times just can't imagine our lifestyle without them in the mix, whether it's at home, in the car or maybe even on the job. Pollster Maurico Guitron surveyed dog lovers to find what the most popular reasons are for loving your dog. See if any of these resonate with you western Montana dog owners.

Reason # 5/6 (tie): "My dog teaches me to be more patient."   "My dog is my best friend." (26% each on this one)

Reason # 4: "My dog helps me to be a more loving person." (27%)

Reason # 3: "My dog makes me look forward to coming home." (33%)

Reason # 2: "My dog helps comfort me when I'm sad." (45%)

And Big Reason # 1: "My dog gives me unconditional love." (57%)

Well, you could probably easily point to at least several of these in any situation, and add some of your own as well. Please tell your critter happy Love Your Pet Day for me and keep on being a great town for dogs, Missoula!





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