Weather forecasters have been "darkening" their forecast for the Bitterroot Valley as a vigorous cold front approaches the area. The latest prediction from NOAA (as of Wednesday morning) shows a 50/50 chance of showers and thunderstorms Thursday, August 8, especially in the afternoon. The storm front will bring some cooler temperatures, too. The previous 80-degree highs will be dipping down into the 60s by Sunday in the Hamilton area. And the possibility of rain or thunderstorms continues through the weekend. The lows at night will be in the upper 40s by Sunday. Daytime temperatures will rebound into the 70s early next week.

The Bitterroot National Forest is also watching the forecasts for possible lightning-caused wildfires. If you see smoke in areas where it shouldn't be, call the authorities. KLYQ will keep you updated on the forest fire and smoke advisories as we go through fire season.

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