Got an update over the weekend from Nonda, our business manager at KYSS, that we did even better than we thought on this year's KYSSMAS for Kids fund-raiser.

As of Friday afternoon we were at $24,460.  Way better than the 22-grand we thought we'd raised.  Then of course there's this.

I ran into our good friend Mark Ward, aka The Captain, early Saturday morning when I showed up at the radio station and he said he'd been awfully busy on Friday and would it be OK if he threw in a couple of hundred bucks.  Uh, yup!

And, slacker that I am, I haven't paid for my leg-trap-doorbell-ringers yet.  Plus I did buy two of them.  And I bought something else but I can't remember what.

Bottom line?  At lease FIVE HUNDRED LOCAL KIDS will be going shopping.  Unbelievable.  Thanks, all of you.

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