A beloved annual Missoula event, KYSSMAS for Kids, is returning in 2023 to benefit kids in Missoula. If you're a long-time donor, or just stumbling on this information, read on to find out what you need to know for this year's event.

What is KYSSMAS for Kids?

KYSSMAS is a many-decade tradition of raising money for local kids in need, giving presents to those children who would otherwise go without. We partner with local groups who pass along the donations to those in need in the form of gift cards. Groups we've partnered with include:

  • Office of Public Assistance
  • St. Pat's Mental Health Center
  • YWCA
  • Sanders County Coalition
  • LIGHT (Low Income Group for Human Treatment)
  • The CDC
  • Seeley Lake School
  • Big Sky High School
  • Hellgate High School
  • Sentinel High School

The way we raise money is through an auction and through direction donations.

When Is KYSSMAS for Kids This Year?

The event will take place on December 8, 2023, from 6:00 am - 7:00 pm. That's when you can bid on auction items or make a donation. If you'd like to make a donation online you can start right now at kyssmas.com.  Listen to 94.9 KYSS FM for frequent updates on auction items and to hear stories from people in the Missoula community.

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What's the Phone Number for KYSSMAS?

The number to call is 406-519-4994.


What's New This Year

An Online Auction

Of course, part of the fun of KYSSMAS is calling in to place your bid on an auction item, but we want as many people to participate as possible. That's why we've added another way to participate: online.

Whether you call or bid online, everyone's bids will be counted. But if you want to keep an eye on how your favorite auction items are doing, you'll want to have kyssmas.com bookmarked on your browser.

A Grizzly Harley-Davidson Raffle

Credit: Grizzly Harley-Davidson
Credit: Grizzly Harley-Davidson

You can also support KYSSMAS for kids right now when you purchase a raffle ticket for this Harley-Davidson, courtesy of Grizzly Harley-Davidson.

Who Helps Make It All Happen?

We couldn't thank our sponsors enough. So many businesses and individuals come together each year to make this event possible, but we'd like to say a special thanks to our sponsors,  TrailWest BankRight Now Plumbing and HeatingL & M Fine JewelryGrizzly Gold and SilverScheels, and Grizzly Disposal and Recycling.

What Items Are Up for Auction This Year?

Take a look below to see all items available in the auction this year.

SEE: KYSSMAS for Kids 2023 Auction Items

To place a bid on any auction items for KYSSMAS for Kids 2023, visit kyssmas.com.

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