By now you've probably heard us talking about the "KYSS Corral Things You Actually Give a Rip About Survey."  One of the questions in the "Food & Drink" section has been a hoot to read.  The question is "What's your favorite hangover cure?"  Here are just a few of the answers.

1) Four aspirin & at least a quart of water before going to bed

2) Big greasy breakfast...eggs, bacon, toast & hash browns

3) Honey & toast

4) It's been 30 years since my first and last one so I don't remember

5) Licorice ice cream

6) Shot of whiskey before you go to bed and another as soon as you wake

7) Choclate milk

8) Guiness & Jameson

9) Learn how to hold your booze, you wimp

10) Cuticle scissors...oh, no, wait, that's a hang NAIL cure

You can take the survey, and earn 25,000 bonus points, here.

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