Krystal Keith has made the leap into country music, performing here, there and everywhere, but it's not every day you get to see her perform with the man she learned it all from: Toby Keith.

Like father, like daughter, right? Recently, the newcomer welcomed her dear old dad onstage for a duet in Las Vegas.

On Dec. 12, the family singers belted out 'Cabo San Lucas,' which appears on the 52-year-old superstar's album 'That Don't Make Me a Bad Guy.' While Daddy Keith's vocals are comforting and warm, his daughter's voice is powerful, capable of any ballad, and the mix of their voices make for a beautiful rendition of the song.

However, one of the best parts of the Keiths' performance wasn't their sound or obvious affection for each other -- it happened when Krystal began singing the wrong lyrics.

"Oh no! ..." she said, stopping. She looked at her dad, who casually began singing the correct lyrics, telling his daughter with a laugh, "Let's try it again, sister." Their daddy-daughter banter continued, and not only was it hilarious, it was also really heartwarming.

The younger Keith is making her own way in country music, most notably with her critic-approved first full-length album 'Whiskey and Lace,' and we know Dad is endlessly proud of her -- even when she flubs the lyrics to his songs!

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