I picture it as if the little conversation hearts grew out of their awkward teenage phase where they taste like chalk, and blossomed into a beautiful and delicious adult doughnut stage.

Need a way to tell your special someone "YOU'RE SPECIAL" or ask them to "BE MINE" but you're having trouble since Sweethearts conversation hearts won't be sold for Valentine's Day this year?

Krispy Kreme to the rescue.  They'll debut their Valentine conversation donuts in stores across the U.S. on January 30th.

The heart-shaped doughnuts are colorful and look like the classic heart-shaped candies, and will have phrases printed on top of them, including “DM Me” and “CRAZY4 U”.

Krispy Kreme Reward Members can get a free Valentine’s doughnut with any purchase on Wednesday, Feb. 6.

Once they debut on January 30th, the donuts will be available in stores through February 14th.

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