For the first time in a long time there will be no classic "CALL ME" and "BE MINE" candies that have become a staple of Valentines Day.

The company that produced the candy hearts, NECCO, shut down last year.  Another company, Spangler, purchased the Sweethearts brand but says they don't have time to get production set up in time for Valentine's day this year.

Sweethearts via Amazon
Sweethearts via Amazon

“We wish we could have Sweethearts out for the 2019 Valentine season, but it’s just not possible,” said Kirk Vashaw, Spangler Chairman and CEO.

Spangler Candy also makes Dum-Dums, candy canes, circus peanuts, and more

The company plans to have Sweethearts available for next year.

But for now, it'll be the first Valentine's Day since 1901 that conversation hearts will NOT be on sale.

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