All big time musicians have certain things they tour with. Often times it's movies or possibly lots of boose so they can enjoy the time while traveling around, not Kenny Chesney. WQIK radio out of Jacksonville, FL is saying that Kenny is currently touring with tomato plants. A source told the station, ''I was just backstage at a Kenny Chesney show and sitting in the hall were a couple of wheelbarrows of tomato plants with tomatoes on them. So I asked Kenny if those were his plants and he started laughing and said yes! Apparently he takes them with him so that he can have fresh tomatoes on tour. Who doesn’t love a good vine ripened tomato?''

I'm not positive I will ever believe this until I see if for my own two eyes. If Kenny Chesney wanted fresh tomatoes on tour, he could go into every organic food store he visits and buy the whole store. Although I would love to be backstage with Kenny and see wheelbarrows full of tomato plants!

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