Maybe there's a reason this guy's a "former" judge. And if he hadn't been he probably would be by now.

AP twisted the cap off the saga of a former North Carolina Superior Court Judge, Arnold Jones. He is accused of trying to bribe an officer with two cases of Bud Light Beer.

We don't have the hanky-panky details, but the former judge had sent a text message to a sheriff's deputy, asking for copies of texts between the judge's wife and another man. In return, the deputy would get a couple cases of beer. As the negotiations went along, Judge Jones had to up the offer to $100 cash. Well, the deputy was already working with an FBI gang task force, and things just pretty much went to hell from there for His Honor.

Sentencing is in March. The judge lost his bid for re-election last November. Apparently he didn't have enough beer bribes to go around the polling places.


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