What the future holds for the Griz football season is anybody's guess at this point. But, they did mail out renewal forms for season ticket holders and extend the deadline for purchases. The hope is that we'll get to play some ball in the fall. Right now, what happens with college football, like anything else in the world of sports, is a complete unknown.

One thing we do know about Griz football is that coach Bobby Hauck will be part of a Q&A session TONIGHT on Facebook Live. It's an Alumni Virtual Engagement event being put on by the Alumni Association and Grizzly Scholarship Association.

How is COVID-19 affecting the offseason? What are coach's thoughts on Dante Olson going undrafted? How does he see the next Griz team faring in the upcoming season.....if we have one? If you have a burning question on your mind about Griz football, you can submit a question and check out the event at 7 PM tonight. Hauck will spend part of the hour-long event answering live questions from viewers.

It's a sad thought for everybody in town to think about the possibility of not having Griz football at Washington-Grizzly Stadium this season. Games are such a huge part of weekends in the fall. As of now, we'll keep our fingers crossed that we'll have football in some form for 2020. And, if nothing else, you can forget about what may or may not happen with the season and just focus on the fun of hearing Coach Hauck talk a little shop tonight.

Check out the conversation with the winningest coach in Montana history from 7 PM to 8 PM tonight.

Have a question for coach? Submit it HERE.

Visit the Facebook Event page for Coach Hauck's virtual Q&A HERE.

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