How do you decide what supermarket to do your grocery shopping at? Maybe you stop by the grocery store on your way to or from work. Perhaps you pick the cheapest-priced places or you like to go to the more expensive market with some high-quality, organic granola (or something like that). 

The website Stacker compiled a list of the best supermarkets in the nation (the full gallery is found at the bottom of the website), but there weren't many mentions of stores in Montana. The only stores mentioned were Albertson's, Safeway and WinCo. Since Montana didn't receive much attention in the article we asked our fans what their favorite Montana supermarket is.

We received a wide range of responses. Some legitimate answers, some comedic answers...

The answers

Anthony didn't have a favorite company but he brings up a good point. "Any store with self checkouts."

Winco was the most prevalent submission. Meagan says "Winco cuz I can easily pretend food is affordable again."  Patricia, Chris and Kaycee also said Winco.

Dan said "Safeway" but specifically the "Polson" location.

Cole gives some local stores some love. "Always been a big fan of Huffman Grocery in P-burg. The Thursday breakfast scramble, the sheepherders bread, the meat and cheese sticks. I hope they still have all those things."

Dave went the local route, too. "Orange Street food farm"

Emelie: "Whole Foods"

Garth had a more natural route. "The woods." Who needs a grocery store when you're a hunter/gatherer like Garth?

Gabe wasn't picky. He said "anywhere that sells groceries."

Melissa doesn't care to shop for groceries. She said "That’s like asking what’s your favorite time of day to go to a dentist? It has to be done but the whole time you’re there you’re stressed out, your finances always take a major hit, and even when it’s over and the relief sets in you realize you have to do it all over again."

Aaron had to make it personal. He said "Yo Mama's." Are "yo mama" jokes back in style? Is this 2008? Full disclosure, I chuckled reading his comment.

Let us know your favorite grocery stores or a supermarket you'd like to see come to Montana. Personally, I want a Trader Joe's. I lived off Trader Joe's for years because it was a perfect place for a single young adult.

Check out the most popular supermarket list across the country below.

Most popular grocery stores in America

The most popular grocery stores in America, from corporate chains to family-owned enterprises. Stacker ranked them using consumer ratings sourced from YouGov polls.

Gallery Credit: Stacker

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