Some of my most memorable days have been spent on water in Montana. The lakes the rivers are playgrounds for so many. Montana has over 3,200 named lakes and reservoirs, according to Wikipedia. Given the significance of water in our state, boats naturally hold a pivotal role.

Hydrogen Powered Boat Motor Unveiled

Recently Miami, Florida held their annual international boat show. It is a big event, similar to the major car shows that happen in Detroit, Michigan. This event provides boat manufacturers with a platform to showcase their latest creations and accompanying technologies. At the event Yamaha introduced the "world's first hydrogen powered outboard motor".

Tech Explorers posted a picture of the motor on their Facebook page, see below:

Yamaha Hydrogen Powered Outboard Motors
Credit: Tech Explorers via Facebook

My Electric Sparks reported about the motor that will be used for recreational watercraft. Yamaha teamed with Regulator Marine and Roush to create a motor that is working towards carbon neutrality. The motor boasts impressive specifications:

  • 425 horsepower
  • Top speed 12+ knots
  • Zero emissions, only water vapor
  • Significantly quieter than gasoline motors
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The Motors Are A Work in Progress

The engines are heavier than their gasoline counterparts due to the hydrogen fuel system. The unveiling of the motors is a big step in the direction of marine propulsion technology. Beyond manufacturing the motors and fuel systems, efforts are underway to establish a "refueling infrastructure."

Will Montana Boaters Be Interested in This Technology?

The question remains: will Montana boaters embrace this innovation? Just like most technologies it evolves rapidly. Currently you may not be able to run out and purchase a hydrogen powered motor to use on Flathead Lake or Fort Peck, but they are working on making this a reality, it may actually be sooner rather than later.

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