Missoula is the host city this year for the Montana Professional Fire Fighters Convention. Lately there has been a lot in the news about Missoula city firefighters and their efforts to get funding on the recent ballot for voters in Missoula. According to KGVO-AM news reports, the city of Missoula is in need of a new fire station and more firefighters. The levy was put on the ballot and recently passed in Missoula.

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The conference being held in Missoula over the next few days will be focusing on union business for the firefighters across the entire state. According to Justin Walsh, a city of Missoula firefighter and a member of the Celtic Dragon Pipe Band:

Every decade one of the union cities in state of Montana hosts the state convention. So there are union firefighters from all across the state that are talking about union business and union future growth and development... They will try to figure out how best to help each other over the next multiple years as unions in the state and as firefighters.

This conference is for "structure", not wildland firefighters. There are around a dozen different cities in Montana that are being represented at this conference and it is scheduled to wrap up this Wednesday evening.

Celtic Dragon Pipe Band Member at the Montana Firefighters Convention in Missoula
Credit: Chris Wolfe

Support Your Local Pipe Band

The Celtic Dragon Pipe Band, was asked to help kick off the event this morning and some of the pipers will be wrapping up the event on Wednesday. It is always special for the pipe band when they are included in events that honor the brave men and women who fight fires and who work in law enforcement.

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