Holiday lights and decorations have been springing up all over Missoula and western Montana. Christmas is almost here. One thing that has been weighing on our minds is "Do you think the Santa Flyover will happen this year?"

As we already know, the flyover takes a ton of planning and help from volunteers. Not to mention it is an expensive flight. But, as we have seen in the past, it is all worthwhile when you see the smiles on everyone's faces as Santa's sleigh soars over your home leading up to Christmas day.

We jumped on the official Santa Flyover website to see if any buzz was circulating about the flight taking place in 2023.

According to

We depend on donations to cover the costs of flight, storage, maintenance, and improvements. 100% of all donations go toward making the Santa flyover happen. We have partnered with the Missoula Downtown Foundation, ensuring that any donation made is tax-deductible.

The cost to do the flight is high. And a lot of careful planning and work goes into making the magical flight happen.

According to the Missoulian article from 2005

The hour and a half flight costs $1,800.

Clearly, gas prices have skyrocketed since 2005 and even since Santa took flight just this past Christmas. This year your help is needed more than ever. All you need to do to be a part of making the flight a reality is donate whatever you can afford to the Missoula Downtown Foundation. Every dollar helps.

Simply click here to donate and fill the "CHEER METER!".

Let's make the flight happen again in 2023.

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