It's hard to put into words how much a dog means to you. When I was growing up we had different dogs but I never really connected with any of them. They were more of a chore than a friend. Obviously, as you get a little older and mature you really how fantastic a good dog really is.

All I can say is, ever since we got Gypsy from North West Boxer Rescue live has been better. I had have the worst day at work, stressed out about life, and none of that matters as soon as I see my two dogs. Both Gypsy and Koda are very friendly and love to get attention. They are also very good about knowing when Savannah or I are in need of some love from them.

Photo courtesy of NWBR
Photo courtesy of NWBR

Adopting our little sweetheart that was battling Heart-worm just one year ago was one of the best decisions Savannah and I have ever made. Looking back one year later, she has beaten Heart-worm and truly has a great relationship with her brother Koda. We just look forward to many happy and healthy years to come!

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