Your boat doesn't need a motor to transport invasive aquatic species into Montana. Inspectors found a kayak with a zebra mussel attached at a Montana inspection station. The vacationers were traveling from the Midwest to Glacier National Park and stopped at the Nashua watercraft inspection station. The zebra mussel was attached to the kayak's hull. Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks officials said the craft had been in Lake Cadillac in Michigan, which is known to be mussel-infested. After decontamination the tourists and their kayak were sent on their way. The Nashua inspection station is managed by the McCone Conservation District.

The boat is the 27th mussel-fouled vessel this year, FWP reported. Over 115,000 vessels, with and without motors, have been inspected this season. Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Bureau Chief Tom Woolf said, "Non-motorized boats are at risk of transporting aquatic invasive species. Even boats traveling between waters in Montana can transport invasive snails or weeds." That includes Stand Up Waterboards. Watercraft owners must stop at ALL open inspection stations. And non-residents must purchase a Vessel AIS Prevention Pass before launching your motorized or non-motorized craft. They're available at any FWP office or online. For more information call 406-444-2440.

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