I never understood as a kid why anyone would leave a candy bowl outside of their house on Halloween. Finally as an adult, I fully understand. Life is so busy, it's just much easier to put a bowl of candy outside with a note saying take one.

This year I've decided to take the "easy" way out and do the same thing, leave a bowl outside. Not because I am busy or have other plans tonight but because I want to make my dogs as comfortable as possible. My dogs bark and go crazy when they hear people at the door, and I don't want them to scare kids or potentially get out tonight.

As much as I love seeing all the kids dress up and so excited about getting their candy, I think this year it's best to keep the dogs inside and as quiet as possible. Especially for my dog Koda, he get so nervous when the door bell rings.

But for kids in my neighborhood, we got Peanut M&M's to giveaway so come stop by for the bowl outside my house. Or else I will end up eating them, and I've been going to the gym too much lately to eat even more candy.


    Knocked Out at Knockerball!

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