Halloween is tomorrow night and many adults will consume alcohol while they celebrate. As a result, the Missoula Police Department will take extra precautions. Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh explains.

“We are adding extra patrol to our patrol operations that will include a duty car, which is typically a car occupied by two officers who respond to reported disturbances and also conduct extra patrols in the downtown area around all the local bars,” Welsh said. “People are out walking. We want to make sure that they’re safe, staying out of the street, and not harming each other.”

According to Welsh, police are also concerned about the safety of children that will be out trick or treating.

“We want to remind drivers that children are out walking in the dark,” Welsh said. “Sometimes they’re wearing dark colored costumes and they might be hard to see. We would encourage parents to outfit their children with flashlights or other devices that can be seen in the dark. However, we would still like to caution drivers to be aware that children will be crossing the streets, walking among parked cars, and going to houses. Just be on the lookout for those and be extra cautious when you’re behind the wheel.”

Welsh encouraged adults to carefully inspect all candy before it's consumed by kids, to make sure it's all wrapped from the manufacturer.

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