Oh man it felt good to punch that bag at Title Boxing Club! I am on a journey and I want you to join me. 

It just is so hard to find the time and motivation to get in shape, even sometimes the funds.

That is not a problem at Title Boxing. Your first class is free and that is all you need to get hooked! Great staff, great ideas for you to be able to improve your stamina and health. They offer both hour classes and half n hr ones as well.

Another thing great about this is the frustrations you get out on the punching bag. You warm up and cool down in a manner that makes the actual boxing part a lot easier. Chris is a great owner, not only does he believe in the cause he lives the life. A busy life as a parent but knows the importance of staying healthy. Especially in days like now where you have no idea what is going into your body and more unknown things are in the stuff we use and eat everyday.

I am now hooked! Thank you Title Boxing Club find them on 1200 Kent near Albertsons on Brooks.