It is that time of year again. Time to bust out the lawn mower, grab some seed and the sprinklers and get to work.
My wife and I bought our house in Lolo a little over two years ago. Since moving in we have found that we are not the DIY type of people we thought we were and it always shows in our lawn care. It is not that we have extravagant lawn ornaments or crazy ponds that need a lot of up keep, we just have a large yard with lots of grass.
Every year it is the same thing, lots of “Weed and Seed” and high hopes of have a wonderful green lush lawn, yet it never turns out just right. My wife even tries her hand at planting flowers only to forget about watering them each year.
This year, we of course plan on trying to get the grass as green as possible and to fill in the spots where our two wonderful dogs have trampled out any of the grass there once was. However, we think we have given up on growing anything thing else. We hope to get a deck built on the front of the house where we MIGHT put out some potted plants but we have learned through trial and error that we just will probably never be the neighbors with the best lawn.
I do however, LOVE to kick back on a sunny day with some headphone in and ride around the lawn on my mower.
Do you have any tips or ticks for great lawn care? Do you have any of the same problems?


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