As we all know, we here in Montana have what some call "a gun culture." Yeah, it's true, WE LOVE OUR GUNS. But, we also love the holidays. So combining the two is simply magical.

Montana leads the nation in gun ownership, meaning 66.3% of adults in Montana own a firearm. Wyoming comes in a close 2nd place with 66.2%. Alaska falls in 3rd place with 64.5%. This means over half of Montana's households have guns. In fact, Montana is estimated to have 11.3 guns for every 1,000 residents in the state. Meaning Montana is one state you would not want to invade.

In my home, I have a gun for every occasion. I have a shotgun for duck and turkey hunting. I have a .300 win mag rifle for big game hunting. I have a Glock 10mm handgun for fishing and hiking. I have an AR-15 for home defense and predator hunting. And I have a handful of .22 rifles and handguns for small game and "plinking."

Now, when it comes to "plinking," some people have creative ways of wasting ammo. Some will blow up a one-pound block of tannerite. Some will shoot a box of clay pigeons set out downrange. Some will simply shoot empty beer cans ALL DAY. But nothing is as satisfying as the sound of a bullet hitting a steel target. Especially when those steel targets are tuned to play certain notes. Check out a hilarious video from the guys at Black Rifle Coffee Company. Your favorite Christmas tunes are performed using bullets and steel.

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