Were you aware that stocking tampons at Walmart is apparently better than living in Montana? Also, no one has a car in Montana, but everyone rides horses and uses carrier pigeons to send mail to family members. Were you also aware that 30 people die every year and are turned into chili for carnivorous abominable snowmen?

  • Yes, Montana is a very dangerous, wild and untamed land. It is filled with dirt roads and people are frequently attacked by bears on their way to the outhouse. There is not a Starbucks to be found, and everyone in Montana bakes their own bread, eats venison, kills drifters, marries their cousins, churns butter and chops firewood for their log cabin.

  • Apparently this is what most of America thinks about us, as you will see from this YouTube video. I for one am glad that people from other states think this about Montana, because it means they will never even consider moving here. Which, is the way we Montanans like it.