Everyone considers themself to be a good driver. Just ask anybody--they'll tell you that all the issues come from those other whack jobs on the road causing problems. Am I a good driver? I like to think so. I may have failed my driving test two or three times (the details are fuzzy) but I've never been responsible for any type of accident. Of course, not being involved in an accident isn't exactly what qualifies you as being a good driver. That comes with knowing and executing the rules of the road.

Think about how hard you studied and how much knowledge was fresh in your mind when you were preparing to take your tests and get your driver's license. How much of that information has faded over the years? How would you do if you went back and took those same tests again? Do you think you would pass the driving portion of the test if you took it right now? That question was posed to 4,000 drivers in a recent survey and the results might make you a little nervous to be on the road!

How many Montana drivers say they would fail the road test?

More than a quarter of Montana drivers that were surveyed (27%) admitted that they thought they would fail the driving portion of the test. That's kind of scary when you think about it. That's 27% of the people that you're commuting with, encountering on the highway, and interacting with on a daily basis that said they wouldn't pass the test required to obtain a driver's license! Let's hope they're at least confident in their actual driving skills, and it's things like those tricky road sign questions and vehicle questions that they think would trip them up.

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What else did we learn from the study?

Some other interesting results included 39% thinking dashcams should be mandatory for all motorists, 71% of people saying drivers should have to take their driving tests again after a certain age, and 34% admitting they've developed bad driving habits since getting their license. Actually, that last one seems like it's a bit low. I wouldn't believe anything under 100%!

The other crazy piece is that the 27% of Montanans that said they would probably fail the driving test.....is higher than the national average of 18%. It goes without saying  (but rings even more true after seeing something like this), every day, keep your eyes open and be safe out there on the roads!

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