Over the weekend my family grew, my wife Savannah and dog Koda welcomed a new dog, she is two year old brindle boxer named Gypsy! A beautiful and kind rescue dog from the Northwest Boxer Rescue.

She grew up in Texas and was picked up by an a caring passer-by who got her in touch with the rescue. Although our sweet new dog has some health issues, she is perfect for us. Savannah, Koda, and I traveled quite a few hours this past weekend to get Gypsy very close to the Washington and Oregon border and it was love at first site.  Gypsy was let off leash and ran right over to us.

We have had a few issues with the growing family. The biggest issue being that Koda is used to being an only dog so sharing family time and treats is difficult to get used to at first. But they have also had tons of fun playing tug in the back yard and playing fetch for tennis balls. Growing pains can be tough, but almost more difficult for us owners, because we hate seeing Koda unhappy. Although in the long run we know these two will be best friends as well as brother and sister.


Both Koda and Gypsy love attention so if you see us downtown Missoula or out at a dog park feel free to come say hi, or give a belly rub!


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