When I completed my taxes last month I couldn't stop dreaming about how I wanted to spend the money. So many different things I would love to do with that money. And after one quick discussion with my wife it was settled, paying off credit card debt it was. Not as fun or exciting as I had hoped but it was the responsible thing to do. A new survey by Travelocity reveals that the average American will receive a refund of $2,700. Travelocity asked 1,000 Americans how they would most like to spend their refund. They said:

"dream vacation" ... 47%

"new outfit" ... 18%

''dinner out'' ... 17%

"trendy tech gadget" ... 11%

''concert ticket'' ... 8%

''sporting event ticket'' ... 8%

If you had zero debt, what would you do with a $2,700 tax return?

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