We all get the occasional email that looks a bit suspicious. Between the phony emails, and the robo-calls about my "expiring warranties" and "outdated loans," I have enough time wasters in my day.

But I'm just not sure where to stand on this one. Maybe you can help.

This is an email I received the other day. It seems legit, right? I would think anything under 10 grammatical mistakes from a company like "Apple" should be acceptable for a quick readthrough. Hahah!

Photo: TSM
Photo: TSM

Well, those eight errors I circled are just the ones that jump out at me at first glance. Not to mention the phrasing is pretty bad in places and there should probably be some extra spacing between a couple sentences.

What do you think? Any more mistakes?

Alright, if you'll excuse me, I have a button to push so I can "SECURE MY ACCOUNT."

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