This was such a beautiful place to find and a great day hike. It is located in the Flathead Valley and is worth the trip. Summer days in Montana are spent like this, enjoy!

Lupine Lake, it has two separate entrances and provides hiking, backpacking, horse riding, dirt biking and more. It's near Tally Lake if you are familiar with the area. According to the Forest ServiceThe Lupine Lake Trail is 3.0 miles long. This trail provides access to one of the district mountain lakes and connects with Trail #310. 

This video will show you a little bit of the road we drove on to find the entrance, we took the other route I believe but like I said it was easy to find with GPS and the Forest Service really lays it out as well above. I feel like route we went was less then 3 miles but it was a bit steep coming back and the other way seemed used more which leads me to believe it's easier.

I was actually able to use GPS to find the other entrance, I just typed in Lupine Lake and I believe it gave you a couple options. The Forest Service also has instructions, "The Trailhead is located on the Griffin Creek Road (FS Rd #538), there is a pull out area with a trailhead sign that provides room for 3-4 vehicles. Griffin Creek Road can be accessed by the Star Meadow Road or Hwy 2 West onto 543 and then turn onto FS Rd #538." You can also see a map below and watch the video as well.

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