Although it can't seem to officially make up its mind - the weather is slowly starting to move in the right direction. And as we start to see warmer temperatures come our way it'll have us outside looking for entertainment that we missed out on last year. If you're family fun for the year is going to include Silverwood Theme'll be able to check out their new ride that'll be opening up shortly after the park opens for the season.

Back in early March we told you about Stunt Pilot - the new ride that will take you 106 feet high, top out at 52 MPH, and feature 1,800 feet of track. At that point they were just installing the first piece of track for the park's new feature. Fast forward to today and Silverwood used a video on their YouTube channel to announced that Stunt Pilot now has an opening day on the calendar.

The video is part of a new series they've been doing where the granddaughter of Silverwood's owner showcases the park with behind the scenes adventures. It's actually pretty cool and you learn some neat things about the park. They plan to feature what it takes to get Silverwood ready for opening day in their next video. But they used today's episode to unveil that Stunt Pilot will open on May 29th - during Memorial Day weekend.

It's nice to see concerts and events returning as we navigate through to the other side of this pandemic. If you're ready to get back to outdoor activities and you're looking for a family adventure - Silverwood opens on May 1st. The new Stunt Pilot ride and Boulder Beach will both follow four Saturdays later on May 29th.

Everything you need to know about the park and purchasing tickets can be found HERE.

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