How would you like some of Missoula's finest beers at one of Missoula's finest breweries for only one dollar?

I figured that would get your attention. It sure got mine. Back in 2015, The Highlander Brewery came together at their excellent location just off of North Reserve. It's honestly one of the best places in Missoula to sit outside with a cold beer on a hot day and enjoy some pretty darn good food too.

Highlander has put together one heck of a party for this Wednesday, July 13th. They are celebrating their eleventh birthday, but you get the gifts. First off, yes you read that right, they are giving you your first Highlander Beer to you for only one dollar. That includes some of your favorites like Devils Hump, Strange Haze, Strawberry Wheat etc. You might want to try the new IPA they will be launching, however. Along with the always tasty selection of beers, the Highlander will be re-launching their original menu from 2015. How cool is that? May I suggest the Yaak Pizza: Roasted garlic purée, mozzarella, spicy sausage, roasted red potatoes, red pepper, and goat cheese.

It wouldn't be a birthday party without live music, either. That's why Smith/Mckay will be rockin the party all day. This party has summer written all over it. Let's get out and celebrate and support one of our great Missoula breweries turning eleven. Full details below:

Highlander Eleventh Birthday Party

When: Wednesday, July 13th, (5pm - 8pm)

Where: Highlander Brewery,  200 International Drive, Missoula, MT 59809

Featuring the original menu and one dollar beers (first one only)

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