If you have never heard of skijoring it is an interesting spectator event to be had. I need some help, it looks like for the first year I will be skijoring, which is being strapped behind something and being pulled through an obstacle course.

I have never done it before although I have seen it done before and I am curious on some tips or advice from folks who have tried it before. Now there are a few ways you can do skijoring... dogs, horse or snowmobiles... possibly even more ways that I don't know about.

There are a lot of snowmobilers out there so I wonder if people have tried this on their own even? Strap a tow rope on a sled, some skis, helmet, goggles and you're off... I think?

There is an event coming up in Lolo that I will be trying this out at. Winterfest 2017 at Lolo Hot Springs will be featuring all kinds of sled fun on January 22nd. The skijoring is just one of the many things they have going on. You can find more at missoulasnowgoers.org  or on their Facebook event.

If you have any advice please email me at charene.herrera@townsquaremedia.com



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