Don't blink - Halloween is coming in hot! We played the "what to be" game around our house for quite a while. Our almost 6-year-old was pretty set on doing a themed costume with our 2-year-old. She was planning on a Dorothy/Toto combo from The Wizard of Oz. But the costume store seemed focused on costumes that were a little more current than a 1939 movie. So we ended up flipping the script to a witch/cat combo.

Like everything else, Halloween has a bit of a different feel this year when you think about all the events/parties that won't be taking place due to social distancing measures. We've been keeping you posted with what's happening around town - and what isn't happening - as Halloween draws near.

Here's another reason to get your costume ready - Big Sky Arcadia is celebrating their one year anniversary with some Halloween fun.

Happy Halloween! Come celebrate Big Sky Arcadia’s one year anniversary with games 20% off all Halloweekend long. Enter in the costume contest for a chance to win a Nintendo Switch!

*contestants must purchase min. $15 play card, be in costume and wear a mask. Finalists will be posted on our Facebook page November 6th.

Video games are awesome on any regular day. But now you have an excuse to wear a crazy costume and play video games - double awesome!

Visit Big Sky Arcadio online or on their Facebook page for more info.

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