My very first Hospice Foundation Ball was this last Friday and I was highly impressed. It not only is a great cause but a really fun time.

I thought I would be slightly overdressed but in the end I was under-dressed which is not normal for me. The folks who attended went all out and really seemed to enjoy dressing up and playing the part. Beautiful Gatsby gowns and masquerade attire, to gangsters and flappers. The Hospice Care Foundation had poker and bingo as well as photo booth fun and so much more. The dinner was fantastic and I saw one of the guys from the Blue Canyon tavern helping so I imagine they helped with the food.

You can always continue to support the Hospice Care Foundation and their events all year long. Thank you for all the help they provided me when my grandma passed, the lady who raised me and meant more to me then anyone or thing. Without the free help I received I would not have been able to start the little bit of healing I did and still have work to do but they were the reason I was able to start.

There is even a Facebook live of a very classy performance they had featured on the dance floor.

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