We crossed paths with a friendly guy named Bradley Morgan, who shares interesting website information on unique camping opportunities.

Bradley's sites include fire lookout towers that are available for nightly rentals, including 19 in Montana. Many of these fire lookouts are no longer in use for fire detection, which is why they can rent them out now in the summer. But Bradley also points out that some are only available to rent in the winter because they are still in use during fire season.

The core information comes from recreation.gov data, which is made available for anyone to use. What Bradley's site adds is organizing that data and images in a way that is hopefully useful for people in terms of discovering what is available.

For the latest availability of a particular fire lookout you would click on the RESERVE NOW button at the bottom of the individual lookout pages which would take you to recreation.gov where you could check availability and reserve your spot. They feature descriptions and images of each lookout, all on a single page.

Each entry links to a page with more images and info about the lookout, including a map and directions on how to get there. In addition to the 19 towers in Montana, Bradley has also posted rental towers in California, Colorado, Idaho and Oregon.

If you are looking for an unforgettable wilderness experience, consider renting a fire watch tower lookout. You will get a birds-eye view of spectacular wilderness areas, and gain access to some of the best hiking trails you will find anywhere. Rather than spend hours hiking up something, why not start at the top? Nightly rental prices and available dates  fluctuate from tower to tower, but with 19 in Montana, hopefully there's at least one that works for you.

Check out Bradley's 53 Fire Watch Tower Lookout Rentals site. It's fun to navigate and full of info.


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