I think my friend Philip is so cool and one of the better wildlife/nature photographers I have ever seen. Captured this shot in Glacier Park, one of the crazier photos to come out of the park in it's history. 

Philip said this about the photo: "Taken yesterday evening. I'm sure some of you recognize this trail. Kinda hard to see, probably especially without a computer, but if there was any question still who rules the trails in Glacier Park....

Just to be clear, Bears will avoid hurting people as much as they can in most circumstances. Figure i'd mention that too because its interesting I saw this just days after that shooting incident in Glacier Park with the hiker from Texas and a Bear on the Mount Brown Trail. Will be interesting to see how that investigation turns out. *

This Grizzly kept on the trail the whole time that i could see, other than initially coming down outta the trees and cliff jumping onto the trail, which wasn't more than half a mile at most. But wow he sure did make several groups of people and single hikers move outta the way fast! He wasn't aggressive towards people at all but you could tell he sure enjoyed getting the right of way and moved quickly on the trail. Looked like he just really wanted to get somewhere and was in a hurry to get away from people. Surprised one person by sprinting right by them as soon as they saw each other coming around a bend. Never seen someone move so fast."

Truly spectacular check out more of his photo's here