Glacier National Park has been closed for nearly three months now due to Coronavirus concerns, but it's finally got a plan in place to begin the process of reopening to visitors. While it was unclear for a while when exactly they'd be able to open (compared to Yellowstone, which opened its Montana gates just the other day), it's now been announced that Glacier will open back up for limited access on June 8th.

So what does that entail? Here's what they say you'll be able to do:

- Enter the park through the West Glacier entrance until 4:30 PM.

- Access Apgar Village and Going-to-the-Sun Road, as well as hike and bike on Going-to-the-Sun Road.

- Use bathrooms and trails that you can reach from open park roads.

Many parts of the park will remain closed for the time being, including the Eastern entrances, ranger stations, visitor centers, campgrounds and more.

Glacier National Park is one of the biggest tourist destinations in Montana, so it's good to see that they're working to get it back to normal... eventually, at least. It may take some time for the park to be fully operational like it once was, but at least now it'll be opening to the public and we have one more option to get out of the house and go explore.

Will you be checking out Glacier National Park when it reopens?

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