So many events around town have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. But, we've started to see more and more activities pop up lately.  There's new entertainment created in the form of multiple nights of fun at Ogren Park through the summer. We've altered the look and feel of events - like the Downtown Pop-Ups that were born out of the cancellation of Out To Lunch and Downtown ToNite. And we've started to see some things return, like Splash Montana and Currents Aquatics Center.

It looks like another option for summer fun is about to reopen in Missoula. Glacier Ice Rink will reopen on July 6. But make sure to get your fill of time on the rink with hockey and skating - it will only be available until July 26. They'll shut the rink down again on July 27 so they can remove the ice and use the arena for the 4-H livestock sale during this year's people-less Western Montana Fair.

As the summer temperatures heat up - you'll again be able to cool down with a visit to Glacier Ice Rink. They'll open to the public again in late August.

As the rink reopens they emphasize that sanitary measures will be in place to help protect the health of visitors.

Did you know you can rent Glacier Ice Rink by the hour? It's perfect for hosting a birthday party, work function, or gathering with friends. Or, maybe rent it for yourself if you want your first time on ice skates to not be witnessed by any other human being.

Visit them HERE for public skating info and ice rentals.

Glacier Ice Rink
1101 South Ave West
Missoula, MT 59801


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