Lots of people say gift cards are impersonal, I disagree. Especially for those people on your list that are very difficult to shop for, or the people that already have everything. I love having the ability to go pick out things that don't cost me anything. If you know someone loves a specific store, but not sure what to get inside of the store I think there is nothing wrong with giving a gift card.

The specific dollar amount should have nothing to do with whether you like the gift card or not. I don't think that a $50 gift card means someone loves you more than someone who gives a $20 gift card. Everyone's situation is different, I am just tired of people saying gift cards aren't a good gift for Christmas. With that being said I didn't buy a gift card at all this year as a gift, but I still think they are good gifts.

What do you think? Are gift cards a good Christmas gift?


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