I sense something. A presence I've not felt since...

Oh, I know what it is - Star Wars nerds! I should know, I'm one of them, and there's reason to be excited. For years and years and years, we let so much useless information about the Star Wars universe fill our heads, just waiting for the opportunity to finally show it off - and now, we've got that chance!

Ogren Park has been doing Trivia Tuesdays all summer long, and the last couple of weeks have had some really fun themes. Harry Potter trivia was a ton of fun, and my team did pretty well at Disney Trivia last week (and not to brag, but we also won the prize for Best Team Name, which was "No One Does Trivia Like Gaston!")

So what will Star Wars trivia cover? Will it be just the movies, or are we going deep into the expanded universe? If I haven't read some obscure comic book from 1985, will I be at a disadvantage?

Well, whatever happens, the important thing is we all have fun nerding out for a couple of hours, and put way too much effort into thinking of a trivia team name. I've got a couple in mind that I'm considering that I won't reveal because I don't want anyone stealing them, but here's a few that my friends and I came up with:

No Country For Old Ben

Machine Gungan Kelly

Babu Frik Chapter 3: Parabellum

And I Thought Our Team Smelled Bad... On The Outside

So there you go, a couple of options that are free if anybody wants them. Will you be checking out Star Wars trivia? It'll be happening this Tuesday, August 18th - doors open at 6:30, and the game starts at 7:30.

Calling all Force sensitive individuals.
Join us for Trivia Tuesday - Star Wars edition!
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Posted by Missoula PaddleHeads on Thursday, August 13, 2020

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