Last year was definitely a bit gloomy when it came to family entertainment facilities in Missoula. We started with news in January of 2021 about Flying Squirrel permanently closing its doors. The sudden loss of the trampoline park meant one less place for birthday parties, gatherings of friends, and weekends of fun. But at least we still had The Hub as an option for birthday parties, video games, go-kart racing, and Laser Tag! Then it really started to feel like options for family fun were limited when The Hub was put up for sale last September. Two prime family attractions were gone in the span of 9 months - it was quite the 1-2 punch.

Photo: Google Maps
Photo: Google Maps

Time for Missoula to get back to bouncing!

The Flying Squirrel building has sat empty for over a year now and we've been wondering when we might hear news about a business having plans to take it over. Well, that news has arrived and it looks to be pretty exciting for anyone that misses Flying Squirrell as well as those who long for another family entertainment option in Missoula. Get Air Trampoline Park has announced that they will open this summer in the building at 2051 Brooks Street.

What can we expect with Get Air Trampoline Park?

You know from the name that trampolines will definitely be part of the fun. But according to a press release posted on EIN Presswire, in addition to wall-to-wall trampolines, the park will feature foam pits, dodgeball courts, ninja obstacles, party areas for gatherings and birthdays, weekly special events, and more. And there'll be plenty of fun for younger ages with a toddler area and dedicated hours for toddler jumpers.

The indoor trampoline park will provide an outlet for family entertainment, recreation and exercise. The features being installed in this park are some that Missoula has never seen before. They will be entertaining for kids and adults alike, making family outings enjoyable for all parties. -Get Air Trampoline Park press release-

We already can't wait until it opens!

There's no official word on a timeline or opening date for the summer. But with features like dodgeball courts, basketball dunk lanes, and obstacle courses.....we're already counting down the days until the fun begins in Missoula.

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