I need to get this off my chest before I write this article: I HATE the word 'fart.' It's such a juvenile word that makes my skin crawl. I cannot stand it and I don't want to hear you say the word 'f**t' around me... EVER.

If you're thinking "What word do you use instead of fart," that's a fair question, because I also hate just about every synonym of 'f**t.'

Toot? Hate it.

Break wind? Stupid.

Cut the cheese? Dumber.

It's all gross and stupid and that will be the last I hear of it. I don't acknowledge the word in a public setting.

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Now then, the Associated Press published a story called "Gassy Cows and Pigs Will Face a Carbon Tax in Denmark, a World First." Danish livestock farmers will receive a tax beginning in 2030 for the gas produced by cows, pigs and sheep.

According to the article, "Livestock account for about 32% of human-caused methane emissions, says the U.N. Environment Program." That seemed high to me, but I'll accept it.

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My question is Would Montanans accept a gassy livestock carbon tax?
My guess is probably not.

Credit: Ryan Song (unsplash)
Credit: Ryan Song (unsplash)

Taxes are already loathed as is, so I think anytime a governing body introduces a new tax there will be pushback. Especially when it comes to some folks' lives. Montana is home to a lot of farmers and ranchers making a living from those smelly farm animals.

It seems unfair to tax a farmer for their livestock since those animals are responsible for feeding a lot of us. We're all driving vehicles emitting carbon emissions and throwing plastic bottles in bonfires, but we go after the smelly cows instead.

Let us know your thoughts.

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