This was a first for me, my friend said that he had brought Ice Cream camping and I was thinking, that's not the easiest to keep frozen. Then I found out it wasn't frozen at all.

Mountain House does some great freeze dried food and it tastes really good. This one had me a bit skeptical. It is a freeze dried ice cream sandwich... yes ice cream freeze dried. It said " ready to eat, no drip, no mess", and that part was true. It wasn't messy but it sure was hard. Kind of rock hard and chalky. It did taste like a vanilla ice cream sandwich though.

The chocolate wafers were decent but the center was not that great, but in a time of backpacking in the woods or being stuck or lost I am sure these would be great.

They have other desserts as well. They even have Cheesecake and Rasberry Crumble. It has a shelf life of two year as well.



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