We've gotten pretty used to postponements and cancellations over the past year, thanks to COVID-19. But life is (very slowly) starting to return back to normal - and that means some events that weren't able to happen last year actually CAN happen in 2021.

The Western Montana LGBTQ Community Center just opened up its annual Free Clothing Shop, which they had to cancel last year as it was scheduled right as everything began to shutdown. That means they've got two years worth of donations that they are giving away for free over the next two weeks, ending on February 14th.

People can stop by and browse for stuff any day until then between the hours of 11 AM and 6 PM, and if there are still clothes by the end of that time, there's talk of extending the event a little further.

They're also still accepting donations! If you want to donate any item of clothing, you can stop by and drop them off - or you could even volunteer your time to help out with the event.

Masks are required and the event is following COVID safety protocols - after the virus shut down the event last year (which was then supposed to take place in March), it's great to see the center bounce back and be able to get it going again for 2021.

Want to help out or just want to learn more about what the Western Montana LGBTQ Community Center does? You can follow them for all the info you need over at their Facebook page.

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