It’s cold and flu season again. Every year when the cold weather takes over, and people spend most of their time inside together, the germs run rampant. The cold and flu seem to spread like wildfire through schools, work places and families. There is no way to keep from getting every little bug that floats around, but there are a few things you can do give yourself an advantage.

  • Photo courtesy of cafemama/flickr
    Photo courtesy of cafemama/flickr

    Wash your hands regularly

    Everything you touch is covered in germs. The best way to keep those germs from getting in your body is to wash your hands.

  • Photo courtesy of v@lentina/flickr
    Photo courtesy of v@lentina/flickr

    Sneeze or cough into your elbow, not your hand

    If you sneeze or cough into your hand and then touch something, your germs are all over whatever you touch. To keep your germs from spreading, keep your germs off your hands.

  • Photo courtesy of magdzia s/flickr
    Photo courtesy of magdzia s/flickr

    Keep stress to a minimum

    Keeping your stress to a minimum and finding a way to relax for even 30 minutes a day helps to boost your immune system.

  • Photo courtesy of hegarty_david/flickr
    Photo courtesy of hegarty_david/flickr

    Don’t smoke

    Smokers are more prone to getting colds and get them more severely too. Smoking suppresses the immune system, and allows colds to really wreak some havoc.

  • Photo courtesy of andy in nyc/flickr
    Photo courtesy of andy in nyc/flickr

    Exercise regularly

    Exercise helps to boost the body’s natural virus killing skills thanks to the sweat from increased body temperature and increased oxygen transfer in the blood stream.

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