Up front, I want to share my opinion on Five Guys burgers so there isn't any bias dripping through the article.

Five Guys is a tasty spot for a burger, a metric ton of french fries and a shake packed with flavor. I love Five Guys... the restaurant, not the... ahh never mind.

Recently, however, Five Guys received some national online disappointment that was picked up by multiple outlets including Today. Some folks took to Reddit to voice their displeasure for the price of a burger, french fries and a soda.

That does seem like a lot of money for one person at a fast-food restaurant. I didn't remember it costing that much the last time I was there.

I took it upon myself to do some hard-hitting journalism to find out if Missoula's Five Guys is as expensive as the above receipt shows. For lunch today, I am driving to Five Guys for a burger, fries and soda (though I wanted a shake). Please, hold your applause. This does not make me a hero, this makes me someone who is using "work" as an excuse to go stuff my face with some greasy Five Guys food.

Missoula's total: $17.23

Credit: Ace Sauerwein
Credit: Ace Sauerwein

Look at that... it's cheaper in Missoula! Every one of the items costs less in our beautiful mountain town. Everybody loves to complain about how expensive Missoula is, but at least we have cheaper Five Guys than wherever that original picture is from.

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Shoutout to my employee, Sawyer. I know you didn't dock the prices but thanks for working today. I appreciate you.

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