This past weekend my wife (Savannah) and I went to Las Vegas just to let loose and have some fun, and that is exactly what happened! We gambled, saw an amazing show, and even met up with family who lives just a few minutes from the Las Vegas Strip.

Here is my top ten favorite things about this past weekend in Las Vegas.

  • 1

    Just Taking a Break

    There is nothing better than having some fun and getting away from the everyday life stresses.
  • 2

    Seeing Family

    My wife's brother, his wife, and our awesome nephew all live in Henderson, NV very close to Las Vegas.
  • 3

    Met New People

    On Friday night we hung out with a guy who looked very similar to Jason Aldean in the Toby Keith's 'I Love This Bar'. We are positive it wasn't Jason Aldean.
  • 4

    Rode in a Limo

    At the end of the night on Friday there was a shortage of cabs at the casino we were visiting. So, we jumped in a limo...only in Las Vegas.
  • 5

    Playing Casino Games

    Mostly Blackjack or a few slot machines. Definitely lost more than won, but still had fun!
  • 6

    Delicious Dinner All 3 Nights

    Friday night was Yard House at the Linq casino. Saturday we did the dinner buffet at MGM Grand (Had crab legs for the first time). Sunday the best burger I have ever had in my life at Pub 1842 at MGM Grand.
  • 7

    Saw a Fantastic Las Vegas Show

    It came highly recommend by lots of family so we saw the Beatles show Love put on by Cirque Du Soleil in the Mirage Hotel
  • 8

    Rode the New 'High Roller' Ferris Wheel

    The ride took us higher than all of the casino rooftops it was incredible, and always felt safe on the ride.
  • 9

    Have Fun With My Wife

    It so easy to get in a repetitive schedule it's so nice to change it up and have fun with the person who makes me the happiest.
  • 10

    Coming Back to Montana

    As everyone knows who has been to Las Vegas, it's a blast for a few days but then you have to get outta there. It's exhausting and gets expensive.

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